About Us

StructSure Scaffold, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MHS Legacy Group, was founded in the early 1980s to provide additional support to our insulation company, Insulation Services & Solutions. After repeated requests from clients, the company added insulation services in May 2014 and became StructSure Scaffold & Insulation. By eliminating layers of overhead, we are able to focus on assisting plant contractors’ work through scheduled outages with the highest level of productivity by placing just “one call”. As members of the Scaffold Industry Association, we work collectively to ensure safety, efficiency, and technical expertise.

We are a unique and experienced specialty contractor, and our top supervisors have worked together for 10-15 years.

“At StructSure Scaffold & Insulation, we are also friends outside of work which helps us bond together and feel like we belong to something more than just a job.” -LA Guinther StructSure Scaffold Project Manager

Open communication with each employee allows us to keep job sites safe and efficient, giving our supervisors the opportunity to fully realize the needs of our contractors. Each employee is developed and empowered to achieve their maximum potential both professionally and personally.